Audiolab 6000CDT | CD Transport



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New 6000 CD transport, Series special offer. Simply connect to any amp with digital input.



The Audiolab 6000CD is a dedicated CD transport using the slot loading mechanism made famous by the Audiolab 8300CD. This CD mechanism uses a read-ahead digital buffer to reduce disc reading failures and delivers the highest level of digital signal extraction from a wide range of CDs. It will read scratched and damaged CDs that are unreadable by conventional mechanisms.

The digital clock is controlled by a temperature compensated crystal oscillator that makes sure the digital output from both coax and optical sockets has minimum jitter. In addition the coax output is fed from a differential line driver to ensure a robust, clearly defined signal reaches the accompanying DAC.

By mounting the transport in its own, electromagnetically shielded enclosure, and including a dedicated power supply, the digital signal extraction from any CD is as precise as can be managed. 

*CD Transports require an Amplifier/Receiver that has a Digital Input


Digital Output Intensity


Frequency response

0.5dB@ 20-20kHz

Output Impedance

75±1 ohm

Max Sampling Rate

96 KHz

Harmonic Distortion


Max. Power Consumption


Standby Power Consumption


Power Requirements

240V - 50 - 60Hz

230V - 50 - 60Hz

115V - 50 - 60Hz

100V - 50- 60Hz

Dimensions (mm)

(W x H x D) 445 x 300 x 65.5 - including feet, terminals and controls

Carton Size (mm)

(W x H x D) 512 x 467x 146


7.2kg (Net)


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