Cabasse "Big Time" | 13.2ch Home Theatre Speaker Pack - Ex Display



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Welcome to the big time


Truly one of the best deals ever!


2x Riga on Stand BLACK (fronts)

1x Riga on Base BLACK (Centre)

10x iO2 In wall / Ceiling mount WHITE (Rears & Height)

1x Santorin 30-500 12" Subwoofer WHITE (back sub)

1x Santorin 30-500 12" Subwoofer BLACK (front sub)

Get the ultimate cinema experience with French made Cabasse speakers in a whopping 13 channel system. That's right, get the latest Dolby Atmos, DTS:X & Auro 3D soundtracks with a 7.2.6 ch configuration!


"Magnificent sound, Gorgeous finish and styling, Excellent sound levels." -

Riga is a very compact satellite fitted with a new 6.7 inch (170mm) coaxial unit, mounted in a sphere half the volume of the one in the Cabasse Baltic Riga's larger sibling. Another Cabasse innovation to meet the demands of music and movie lovers looking for solutions with elegance and discrete aesthetic design.

To meet the challenges set by the requirements of the Riga design, three years intensive development went into its BC17 driver. This unit consists of a dome midrange/tweeter and ring shaped lower midrange-woofer membrane, forming together a pulsating sphere.

With the same constant control of the directivity all along its bandwidth whatever the application – floorstanders, on wall, or on its base - and the typical Cabasse transparency, sensitivity and power handling, Riga concentrates all the virtues of the SCS (Spatially Coherent System) principles developed by the Cabasse laboratory.


"The Cabasse iO2 system delivers a coherent soundfield packed with clarity, and is capable of bringing out the detail hidden in movie soundtracks. The styling and build quality, too, is superb." -

The iO2 sits half-in & half-out of the wall or ceiling cavity and are housed in an intelligent mount that allows you to swivel the speaker to get precise placement of your sound field.

Inspired by our famous Baltic speakers, and based on the same principles of coaxial coincidence, the compact iO2 spheres have unrivaled performance versus size ratio. Either in a living room or in a professional sound studio, in stereo as well as in multi-channel, this concentration of Cabasse essence keeps on amazing through its explosive sonic presence and its subtle design. The speaker swivels easily in its mount thanks to a system of magnets.



The power and musicality of amplification, the precision of automatic optimization to room acoustics, the sensitivity of the 30cm honeycomb woofer, 360° down-firing… each and every detail of the Santorin 30 500 makes it the ultimate hifi home cinema and the leader of its category, and provides easy acoustical and aesthetical integration.


The honeycomb structure of the 30 cm woofer in the S30-500 permits a long excursion without deforming and distorting. High sound levels are possible across a wide frequency range thanks to the long voice coil, Kapton former and powerful magnetic field.


The Cabasse software for acoustical analysis and room correction is integrated in the 500W amplifier. The system comes with a measuring microphone ensuring a quick and automatic ajustment of the subwoofer’s response thanks to its very reliable parametric digital filters. Three different set ups, manual or automatic, can be memorized and then selected with the dedicated remote control.


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