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The purity of the CD10s reproduction from CDs is remarkable at this price point.


More detail, Sound First Design

"Sound First" design principles

By focusing solely on the things that make music sound so good that it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and cutting extra cost and clutter, we aim to deliver the best-sounding system at this price you'll ever hear. We believe, for instance, that multi-channel surround sound codecs and Blu-ray laser capabilities in a hi-fi disc player at this price adds complexity, introduces noise and reduces the budget for key components. That's why the CD10 is a pure stereo CD player. And that means better sounding music. After all, your music is our passion.

All-metal case

Our designers chose a solidly built, all-metal case, carefully damped to minimise vibration and maximise music purity. That's rare at this budget.

Wolfson 8761 DAC

This premium-quality digital-to-analogue converter draws incredible detail out of every type of music.

2-pole Butterworth filter

This kills high frequency noise, introduced by circuitry like DACs, without cutting out any of the good stuff that you do want to hear. It's also more consistent than rival filters, so it won't make some frequencies artificially louder or introduce time delays. The result, as ever with Cambridge Audio, is better, cleaner sound.

Digital output

For recording from CD directly to digital media or even upgrading in the future by putting the signal through a standalone DAC like our DacMagic.

Ultra-short signal paths

Circuit boards and DAC stages use surface mounts on both sides, keeping signal paths as short as possible and eliminating wire links. This minimises noise or distortion introduced to the audio signal.


As well as audio CDs, you can play home-recorded CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM discs packed with digital music in MP3, MP3 Pro and WMA formats.

Vacuum fluorescent display

These bright, backlit displays are readable from the other side of the room.

Full remote control

Wolfson 8761 DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter)
CD, MP3 and WMA playback from suitably encoded discs
Analogue and S/PDIF digital outputs
Full remote control


DAC Wolfson Microelectronics WM8761
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 430 x 80 x 305mm
WEIGHT 4.3Kg (9.5lbs)

Cambridge Audio
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