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Brands: Digitalview

DAB+ & FM Tuner designed for Australian conditions


Digitalview DRR-103, DAB+ Receiver. 

The DRR-103 is a standalone DAB+ and FM Digital Radio Receiver that combines ease of use, excellent sound quality and extended playback control features.  Put simply, the DRR-103 provides a very worthwhile addition to any HI-Fi or home theater system.

Connecting the DRR-103 to any system is achieved within a very short period of time.  The DRR-103 has a choice of rear-panel connections for analog and digital audio.  The front panel includes the system navigation buttons and a high contrast LCD display to show the time, program data and the current system status.  For straightfoward home automation, an external IR connector is provided on the rear panel that can be interfaced to most external IR control equipment

To enhance your listening options, a feature referred to as Live Pause is provided.  When activated Live Pause will defer the program you are listening to for up to four hours within a twelve hour period.  Additionally, quick access to your favorite radio stations is easily accomplished by programming the twenty Preset locations provided for each mode - DAB or FM.

Main Features of the DRR-103

  • DAB+ and FM/RDS Reception
  • Pause Live Radio with Fast Forward and Rewind (240 minutes duration)
  • 20 User Assignable Presets each for DAB+ and FM
  • Digital Audio Output - S/PDIF Optical and Coaxial
  • Home Automation Control Interface - IR with 3.5mm RTS socket
  • Hi-Fi Component Footprint (430mm width)
  • Complies with MEPS for low power (0.6W) in Standby mode


  • Digital / Analog Radio Receiver (DAB+/FM)

Frequency Range:

  •  FM  87.50MHz to 108MHz
  • DAB+ Band 3  174.928MHz to 239.20MHz
  • L-Band  1452.960MHz - 1490.624MHz

Supported Audio Formats:

  • AAC+

Frequency Response:

  • FM  Frequency Response FM: Typically 20Hz - 12.5 kHz @ -3db
  • DAB+  Typically 20Hz - 20 kHz and only limited by broadcast

Analog Audio O/P:

  • 20Hz - 20 KHz


  • FM  -108dbm typical
  • DAB and L-Band   - 97dbm typical

Signal to Noise:

  • FM  50dbA typical
  • DAB  99dbA typical

THD Distortion (Analog Output):

  • 0.01% typical

Signal to Noise (Analog Output):

  • 97db typical

Antenna Input Impedance:

  • DAB, DAB+, FM 75 ohm

Digital Audio Output/s:

  • S/PDIF - Optical and Coaxial

Analog Audio Output:

  • L & R Channels (RCA)

Discrete IR:

  • 3.5mm ring/tip socket

Input Voltage / Frequency:

  • 180 - 265VAC / 47-60Hz

Power Consumption (max.):

  • (max.) < 1.6 Watts

Power in Standby:

  • 0.6 Watt

Operating Temperature:

  • 0 - 50oC / 5% -90% Non-condensing

Dimensions (max.):

  • 430mm(W) x 210mm(D) x 60mm/50mm (H) - with/without feet


  • One Year

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