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The Ultimate Turntable with high quality friction-less motor. Connect to Bluetooth speakers!


A High quality, French made turntable with Ortofon 2M Red, In Built Phono Amp & the abilty to connect to to bluetooth Speakers & Amplifiers!

After orchestrating the successful launch of the world’s first Bluetooth turntable, Elipson, the “godfather” of the French acoustic community, is introducing the Omega 100 Carbon Black.
Unique aesthetic qualities
The Elipson Omega 100 Carbon Black has been designed to offer a streamlined, enjoyable user experience. Its large sub-chassis integrates a variety of functions which are showcased by a band of chrome-plated or brushed metal. Its silhouette, finish, and meticulous construction are a tribute to sophisticated French design. Not a single screw is visible, the cover is made-to-measure and the angles are rounded for a more elegant appearance. The use of carbon fiber for the tonearm and the sub-chassis offers added rigidity and an extra touch of distinction. The high-tech design creates a contrast with the nostalgia conjured up by the object itself, making this turntable a neo-vintage reference for the living room.
An ultra-connected turntable 
Faithful to its principles, Elipson aims to endow this mythical object with new functions. After having found that the majority of people buying LPs were under 30, the brand built a turntable which can be easily connected to all the Bluetooth speakers on the market. The carefully selected, state-of-the-art electronics offer a number of possibilities:

• A premium phono pre-amp allowing the user to connect the turntable to any amplifier.

• apt-X Bluetooth transmission for wireless connectivity and a wider range of placement options, letting the user enjoy the warm, analog sound of LPs with any portable speaker.

• A USB output to allow the user to make digital copies of his or her favorite records, which may then be brought anywhere.

Optimized Functions
Each of the Omega 100 RIAA BT Carbon Black turntable’s functions has been optimized. Its carbon tonearm, designed by the brand’s engineers, is equipped with a premium cartridge: the Ortofon 2M RED. A cueing lever has been added for an enhanced user experience. The sub-chassis benefits from a carbon fibre finish, making the Omega 100 RIAA BT Carbon Black an extra-solid, high-inertia turntable. The suspended motor entirely eliminates friction, while the extraordinarily precise rotational speed generator enables playback for 33, 45 and 78 rpm records.
The world’s only pre-amplified, Bluetooth turntable “Made in France”

Designed and built in France, the Elipson turntable is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. A team of passionate experts ensures that Elipson turntables are manufactured with the same amount of care and attention to detail, every day.

Data sheet

Chassis Carbon finish

Plate Pressed steel

Tonearm Carbon

Cartridge 2M RED

Centralizer Aluminium

Lifting arm Aluminium

Frequency Response (±3 dB)25Hz-20KHz (-3 dB/+1 dB)

Preamp Built-in high-end RIAA preamp

Bluetooth Class 2 : -6dBm ~ 4 dBm / 2.4G : 2.402 à 2.480GHz

aptX Yes

USB Opto-isolated USB output allowing vinyl recording

Gain MM : 40,5 dB / MC : 61 dB

Crosstalk MM :88 dB / MC :78 dB

THD MM : 0,006 % / MC : 0,05 >#b###Signal/noise ratio
MM : 82 dB / MC : 76 dB

Dimensions (W x H x D) 450 x 120 x 380 mm

Weight 5,8kg

Dimensions packaging (W x H x D) 585 x 275 x 465 mm

Weight with packaging, unit 7,6 kg


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