Loewe Bild i-65 $k ULTRA HD OLED




More than just a TV.


Step into the world of Loewe.

Set up the Loewe bild i, switch it on and sit back. That’s all it takes, because operating a Loewe is completely intuitive. Use one remote control for everything, one simple and beautifully laid out menu and one app. Add to that perfectly balanced pictures, customised sound and iconic design. There are plenty of reasons to own a Loewe.


LOEWE by far one of the worlds best TV is now available. Made in Germany since 1923, LOEWE has come along way to now providing the largest OLED TV experience. 2 Year In-Home Warranty comes complimentary with the New LOEWE,  their design and build quality has come unsurpassed, with ooze of style and class.

"Alexa, turn on the TV."

Amazon Alexa has become an integral part of many households. If you’re used to the convenience of this voice-activated assistant, you can enjoy this with the Loewe bild 1 too. Turn the TV on, change channels, adjust the volume: operate your Loewe bild 1 with simple commands to Amazon Alexa. Voice control that’s as intuitive and as simple as you would expect of Loewe.

Harmonious pictures.

The Loewe bild i features a selected Ultra HD OLED panel. But it’s sophisticated HDR image processing and the software developed by Loewe's image processing experts that make the picture quality truly unparalleled. The result is balanced colours, natural contrasts, realistic sharpness and smooth transitions. Your eyes can relax while you get wrapped up in a film plot or video game with all your senses.


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