Monster Cable Silver | Stereo RCA Cable Pair 5m

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High quality analogue stereo RCA with improved clarity and bass


Monster Cable SILVER Stereo Audio RCA Cables 16 Ft (5M) - Ultra High Performance

Monster Cable SILVER stereo RCA audio cables are made with advanced technologies such as patented 24k gold contact 12 cut Turbine connectors, Two Way Time Correct Multi-Gauge Windings , split tip center pin, Dual Solid Core center conductors. Monster Cable SILVER stereo audio cables are ultra-high performance stereo audio cables.  

  • Improved Clarity and Bass - Dynamic Midrange
  • Precise Imaging - Outstanding Sonic Value
  • Patented 24K Gold Contact 12 Cut Turbine Connectors
  • Split Tip Center Pin 
  • Microfiber Dielectric Insulation 
  • Two Way Time Correct Multi-Gauge Windings 
  • Dual Solid Core Center Conductors
  • 5 Meter Length Cables

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