Sima Electronics was founded in 1980, born of a passion to offer consumers an alternative to mass market audio products. Sima products (as they were then called) quickly gained a reputation for outstanding value for money, and were consequently highly regarded by aficionados and enthusiasts.  Although the earliest products were aimed strictly at professionals, the audiophile community rapidly took note of the sonic excellence, and most models of the 1980s were used in home environments. The passion for music, company philosophy and the engineering excellence evident from the company’s early years paved the way for success.

After years of research, Simaudio launched its reference-grade series of audio products, aptly named the MOON Series. Utilizing many new in-house developed technologies and building on the immensely successful Celeste products, the MOON series was considered by many to be the pinnacle of what is achievable when innovation meets technological creativity.

At Simaudio, we are proud to build products that are sustainable, imparting a minimal impact on the environment. We favour responsible suppliers and subcontractors who share our philosophy of reducing our carbon footprint. We offer a 10-year warranty on all our products to respect our sustainability value.