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CD, DAB+ & Bluetooth. Just add speakers!




CD With a premium quality CD drive, the One can play back CDs and MP3/WMA discs. Bluetooth With the built-in Bluetooth receiver, you can wirelessly stream music direct from any Bluetooth enabled device (iPhone, iPad, smart phone laptop, Macbook) to the One. This added functionality allows you to browse and control the endless content these devices offer from the comfort of a chair. DAB+ and FM radio Tune in to your favourite radio stations with the One’s built-in radio tuner. USB Audio This is single connection to your computer minimises untidy cabling and allows a direct digital signal to be taken from your computer or laptop, instead of the poor quality sound normally available through a computer soundcard.

Simply connect the One to any available USB port on your computer and it will processes the digital audio signal for a much better sound than you would normally get from your computers headphone output, allowing you to hear your favourite music, games and films, exactly as the artist intended. Wired connections In addition to its CD and wireless capabilities, the One also features: 2 x digital inputs (S/PDIF and Toslink) for set-top boxes, consoles, Blu-ray players and more 1 x analogue RCA input for iPod docks and other devices 1 x 3.5mm analogue MP3 input All metal design Electronics (and therefore sound quality) are particularly susceptible to vibration; thats why weve used a low resonance, acoustically dampened metal chassis to eliminate as much vibration as possible, ensuring that the most sound quality is extracted from every source.

Removable speaker terminals The One’s speaker terminals can also be removed to allow the use of speaker cable terminated with banana plugs. Maximise streaming services and Apps Bring the Ones stunning, superior audio quality to all your apps and streaming services via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Instantly and easily listen to popular services such as, Spotify or BBC iPlayer Radio played back in stunning quality through the One’s Bluetooth connection.

Flexible control The One can be easily controlled using the buttons on its front panel or from the comfort of your chair by using the supplied Navigator remote control. “My flatmates and I love to listen to music on our phones using Spotify, so the fact that we can send this music quickly and easily over a Bluetooth connection to the One, and hear it in great quality is just fantastic. And I still have quite a few CDs, so the fact that the One can play these too is super convenient. It’s really easy for anyone to use and looks great too.” Povilas, Digital Designer


The One handles music from just about anywhere. The wide array of playback sources includes: CD, including MP3 and WMA formats Bluetooth USB Audio for your computer 1 x S/P DIF coaxial digital audio input 1 x Toslink optical digital audio inputs 1 x RCA analogue audio input 1 x 3.5mm analogue audio input DAB+, DAB and FM radio tuner


The Class AB amplifier derived from the award winning Minx Xi digital music player, the toroidal power supply and Wolfson WM8728 digital-analogue converter are all audiophile components commonly found in high-end products, which is why the One is a complete, all-in-one hi fi system. The One outputs 30 watts per channel (8 ohms), so the end result is room-filling power and stunning detail drawn from all sources. So wherever your music comes from, the Cambridge Audio One will make it sound wonderful!


We strive for audio perfection which is why the One features a powerful toroidal transformer. Cambridge Audio was one of the first manufacturers to use toroidal transformers in the 1970s, and we continue to use them today. Some of the benefits of a toroidal transformer, over the cheaper, inferior EI transformers used by most other manufacturers are: High quality power output to the amplification circuits, with no clipping of the waveform signal, to provide a consistent signal No transformer noise, buzz or hum Sensational bass performance High power output, to allow large and demanding speakers to be driven at high volumes Large power reserves, to allow the transformer to deliver high peaks of volume when required Fully shielded against internal and external electrical interference, to maintain quality of power and signal


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