Pro-ject Vinyl Clean | Record and Stylus Cleaner




The dry clean, non-abrasive wonder!


Dry-cleaning at your hands – High-Tech for your classics on Vinyl!


For better sound and longer life of your record
Cleans records and cartridges
Absorbs dust and other harmful particles
Leaves no residues
Mildly removes deep seated dirt
Reusable multiple times
Colorchart indicates when to replace Vinyl Clean
Based on natural ingredients


The High-tech compound for the most gentle and efficient cleaning of your precious vinyl records collection and sensitive phono equipment. Dry-cleaning effect! Perfectly cleans in-depth, removes dust and debris from record grooves and pick-up head. Dust and harmful particles are encapsulated by the compound, thus significantly reducing abrasion effect and minimizing sonic distortion. Dissolves grease imprints on the surface and does not leave residues!

A must have for every Vinyl-Disc-Lover!

Do not rub, just gently roll the compound over the record and carefully press it on the needle-head. Not recommended for the cleaning of acetate records! Do not use on oily or wet surfaces. Before use, wash your hands with soap and use with dry hands! Multiple use until the maximum absorbtion capacity is reached. Replace your Vinyl Clean when it becomes sticky, but no later than eight months after first application.


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