PSB Speakers International, founded by Paul Barton (also the Chief Designer), is a company about People, Sound and good Business ethics. PSB gets its name from its founders, husband and wife with a good idea: to build better sounding loudspeakers. Back in the late 1960's Paul Barton, then an 11-year-old kid, was already very musically inclined. He enjoyed playing the violin – one that his father actually crafted in their family woodshop. Paul and his father, recognizing that loudspeakers back then didn't sound all that good, set out to build some loudspeakers in their woodshop. "They didn't have true-to-nature performance," recalls Paul. "They didn't sound natural." So, in that small woodshop, Paul and his father began to build speakers. By the time Paul was in high school, he was selling the loudspeakers that he continued to design and build. "I worked at a hi-fi store," Paul said. "Not just selling, but I was able to build [speaker] kits for university students near the University of Waterloo, which is where I lived. I built [them] and created [them] in my father's little workshop where he built my violin, and I sold those to the university students. So really, PSB started back before 1972 – that's just the official registering of the company."