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Row One Theatre Chairs

Row One theatre chairs won’t disappoint with their many different configurable arrangements.

Whether you have a small home theatre or a dedicated space for all types of entertaining, having the right luxury home cinema seating can make a big difference in your space. If you are ready to create a home theatre with a unique seating experience, then Row One theatre chairs offer all the possibilities you can imagine.

  • Configurable – As you build your home entertainment space, it’s important that your theatre seating fits your room well. Row One won’t disappoint with many different configurable arrangements, including everything from single, manual recliners to motion sofa and motion loveseat formations. Whether you prefer RKO home entertainment seating, ideal for small spaces, or you want to sit in the lap of luxury in Skyline home entertainment seating, you’ll find the options you need with Row One.
  • Comfort –Row One theatre chairs also offer the best of both comfort and style. Not only can you easily match your preferred theatre chairs to your home décor, but you can also choose the fabrics, leather, or gel seating that makes your home entertainment space truly comfortable. The minutest details are what make your Row One theatre chairs the best choice, from the mobile headrest to the Bluetooth speakers and the ability to recline into your favourite position.
  • Custom – It wouldn’t be Row One if you couldn’t customise your theatre chairs to your space and your home theatre needs. With these theatre chairs, you can enjoy high-quality home furnishings that make your theatre room look and sound its best.

Row One Seating

Row One seating will help you enjoy home entertainment at its finest.

Row One Seating

In every home, there is a space that is perfect for entertaining. Whether you plan to have guests over for dinner, are looking forward to your next movie night, or simply want to incorporate luxury seating into your living spaces, you’ll find that Row One seating offers the solutions you have in mind.

Row One seating is the epitome of luxury, design, and function, making it an excellent choice for your home theatre and other entertaining spaces. From a single chair, like the Plaza Gaming Chair with Bluetooth speaker system, to a comfortable option like the Universal Mega Sofa, Row One offers seating for virtually any home entertainment design.

The Row One brand is known for its innovative, technology-driven designs, and that’s why adding Row One seating in your home will create the ideal space for getting away, relaxing, and enjoying home entertainment at its finest. With loveseats, chairs, sectionals, and traditional theatre rows to choose from, there is no need to settle for seating that doesn’t match your requirements. You’ll also find that Row One seats come in a variety of fabric, leather and colour options, making it easy to incorporate with your current home décor.

Luxury Home Cinema Seating

Row One’s luxury home cinema seating offers expressive style and can easily be incorporated with your current décor.

Luxury Home Cinema Seating

When it comes to luxury home cinema seating, there is no better choice than Row One. Whether you are planning your next movie night or you want seating that allows you to game in comfort, you’ll find just what you are looking for with the Row One brand.

  • Style – Row One’s luxury home cinema seating offers expressive style and can easily be incorporated with your current home décor. Their domestic and imported options are designed to make your home cinema look and sound its best, and you can select the cinema seating that offers the ultimate entertaining experience.
  • Design – Row One luxury home cinema seating is available in a variety of different looks. Whether you prefer single chairs, sectionals, sofas, or loveseats, you won’t have trouble finding the seating design that works well for your space. Take the Genesis Home Entertainment Sectional, for example, which boasts a Bluetooth speaker system and a drop-down table in the sofa section.
  • Technology – Innovative, technology-driven designs are part of what makes Row One luxury home cinema seating its finest. For example, Polaris Home Entertainment Seating offers LED cup holders and base rails, while Andromeda home theatre seating has Dura-Gel, which looks like leather but offers cools comfort any time you take a seat.

Row One Cinema Chairs

Row One cinema chairs can allow you to enjoy sound control from the comfort of your seat.

Row One Cinema Chairs

When you want to make the most of your home theatre and entertainment space, the best part of the show often begins with the cinema chairs. Not only do you want to be able to recline and relax, but you also want to enjoy your home theatre on even the smallest levels. With Row One cinema chairs, you can easily achieve this goal.

  • Sound – One of the primary benefits of making Row One cinema chairs your home entertainment solution is that they can allow you to enjoy sound control from the comfort of your seat. Take the Plaza Gaming Chair, for instance, which can be used individually or as a row of home cinema chairs to control volume, playback, and sound selection using your preferred devices.
  • Comfort – Row One cinema chairs won’t let you down in terms of comfort, either. With new Dura-Gel options on some seating arrangements, you can easily remain cool and comfortable as you enjoy your movie night, play your favourite music, or have guests over for the evening.
  • Quality – Row One is committed to providing high-quality home cinema furnishings that also incorporate innovative, technology-driven designs. With both domestic and imported Row One cinema chairs to choose from, as well as a variety of style, colour, and seating arrangement options, you can configure your home entertainment space to virtually any level of comfort you desire.

Row One Home Theatre Seats

Row One home theatre seats unite innovative technology and maximum comfort.

Row One Home Theatre Seats

If you have taken the time to invest in your home theatre, then you know you need home theatre seats that are just as good as your audio equipment and other furnishings. With Row One home theatre seats, you can truly enjoy your home entertainment room without feeling that you are missing out on the comfort and conveniences you desire.

Row One home theatre seats are ideal when you want to enjoy high-quality seating at reasonable prices. With a variety of home entertainment looks to choose from, you can easily choose the style and home theatre seating configuration that works best for your space and décor.

Do you prefer traditional straight-line theatre seating? How about a curved look for greater comfort and sound? Row One home theatre seats offer it all. You can even choose your preferred configuration based on room size, whether you want a sectional, love seat, sofa, or recliner, or a combination of seating choices to meet your specific needs. You may also enjoy the innovative technology that is incorporated into many of the Row One home theatre seats, from Bluetooth speakers to work stations and LED lighting.

You can create the ideal home entertainment experience with Row One home theatre seats, and you may also find that some Row One furnishings are a great fit for any room in your home.


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