Screen Technics CinemaSnap | 2.35:1 Matt White Surface Fixed Frame Cinemascope Projector Screen - With size options




Australian Made, Easy to Install


The true Cinema Experience

  • Perfect lay flat
  • Easy to install
  • Contemporary design
  • No moving parts
  • Fire-rated surface
  • Australian Made

Why Screen Technics?

Proudly made in Australia

For over 27 years Screen Technics has been the projection screen standard by which the industry has measured itself in the Australian marketplace.

Exporting worldwide, Screen Technics is the largest manufacturer of projection screens in the country, with a staff of over 45 people, who look after the wants and needs of the Australian/New Zealand audiovisual industry.

With a screen range of over 30 models, available in over 500 sizes, plus the ability to manufacture custom solutions to suit, why would you go anywhere else for a projection screen?

Our in-house sales team have extensive screen knowledge and highly regarded customer service. They will endeavour to provide solutions for any AV environment you may encounter.

Over 95 per cent of Screen Technics products are manufactured in Australia, using precision CNC machinery and environmentally friendly processes. Not only do you get high quality, hand-built screens from people who have a vested interest in producing the very best, but together we'll keep manufacturing alive in this country


  • Standard 78mm with matt black powerdercoat finish - depth 44mm


  • Unity matt white PVC - black backed (Gain 1.0)


  • 78mm top, sides and bottom


  • MultiTech wall brackets

Optional Extras

  • Flocked frame
  • Custom powdercoat colours
  • Custom sizes and formats


  • 3 years (see T&C for more details)

Get detailed information on sizes Here

Why Choose a Fixed / Lay Flat Screen?

The term lay-flat is a key screen industry term, that all quality manufacturers of projection screens are constantly thinking about!

A screen with good lay-flat qualities does not exhibit much in the way of waviness across the screen surface, offering a nice and flat projected image. Some of the factors that affect lay-flat are:

  • Roll down screens cannot be as flat as fixed frame screens
  • Larger diameter roll down screen tubes enhance flatness
  • Projection screens prefer to be wider than longer
  • Top black leader affects lay-flat, so extra leader length is detrimental
  • Pull-down screens have progressively poorer lay-flat due to surface stretching

About Screen Technics

Screen Technics is Australia’s largest manufacturer of projection screens, AV lifters and brackets.

Screen Technics has the manufacturing capacity and extensive in-house capabilities to meet your needs.

Since 1990 Screen Technics has been the standard by which the Australian projection screens, lifters and brackets industry has measured itself. The factory is located in

Moss Vale, NSW. About 90 minutes’ drive south of Sydney Airport.

Screen Technics

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